Louise Hisayasu

Arquivo Tadaima 只今 


I started actively collecting stories from the Japanese-Brazilian community in 2018. Today these stories come in the form of written documents, photographs, recipes, books, digitalised records and passed down treasures. My father always confused the name of the project, tadaima, an expression one says when they arrive home, with tomodachi, the word for friends. At first I was talking to neighbours and family, so naturally he thought it was a project about friends, and friends-of-friends. This project is about the bonds and ties that each individual dedicates towards their culture. Although it may seem instinctive, our cultures are nourished through our daily practices of them, through the conscious desire to remember and the persistence of continuity. Culture in this sense is understood as a dynamic, hybrid and constantly evolving phenomena. The bond that ties us to our culture, is very much like the bond that ties us to our friends.

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